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    General Info


    Etymologically, "translation" is a "carrying across" or "bringing across." We carry across complex meanings of
    broad range of texts including, among others, the following:
  •     Technical documentation (standards and regulations, drawings, machinery, tools and processes descriptions,
        project outlines, clinical trial documentation, etc.)
  •     Legal documentation (briefs, treaties, agreements, contracts, court rulings, litigation and arbitration
        documentation, etc.)
  •     Scientific and technical publications (articles, reviews)
  •     Marketing documentation (product catalogues, promotional brochures, advertisements, flyers, catalogs,
        and other pre-sale literature, informational brochures and booklets)
  •     Customer/user documentation (manuals, instructions, handbooks, guides, datasheets)
  •     Administrative documentation (annual reports, regulatory filings, policies and procedures manuals,
        style and identity guides and benefits guides, training materials such as tutorials, workbooks, and
        instructor guides)

    Most document formats are supported including MS Office, MS Project, MS Access, PDF, JPEG, etc.

    At client’s request, we provide Quality Certificate for each translation. Legalization and authentication
    services are also available (Additional charges do apply).

    We translate a broad range of technical documentation in various industries and areas such as aerospace,
    petroleum and nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, mining, electronics and electrical engineering,
    computer hardware and software, telecommunication, civil engineering and architecture, etc.

    From simple contracts to complex litigation and arbitration documentation packages, legal briefs, court
    documentation, legislation and regulatory documents-all rendered with utmost attention to the legal system
    of the target country and in compliance with the local legal terminology based on extensive research.

    From medical equipment to clinical trial documentation, pharmaceutical and dental products and surgical

    We cover such areas as banking, project financing, insurance, currency and commodity trading, securities, IPO
    documentation, accounting and bookkeeping.

    Extensive experience in disarmament and non-proliferation matters, military/defense industry and technology,
    combat operations, military training and contacts.

    Other areas of our expertise include publishing and documentation, environmental protection, human resources
    and personnel management, advertising and marketing, education, government and administration, media and



    Interpreting Equipment
    Portable wireless equipment (2 transmitters and 10 receivers) is readily available. Full-scale interpreting
    booth(s) can be arranged from a reliable third-party vendor.

Integrated Language Support
    This service creates a transparent interface between the client and host country counterparts handling all
    communications, whether written or oral, between them.

Terminology Management
    Terminology management ensures using the same terms and text blocks consistently within and across all bilingual
    communications and documentation (specifications, drawings, technical documentation, marketing materials,
    regulatory filings, reports, etc.). At client’s request, we create and maintain project glossary of terms,
    terminological combinations and clichés as well as style guides, translation guidelines and manuals.

Research and Information Management     Assessment
  •     Linguistic Competence Assessment & Testing
  •     Translation Quality Assessment & Testing
  •     Interpreting Quality Assessment & Testing
  •     Expert Witnessing
Transcription, timing and synchronization - script preparation, timing, and synchronization to video.

    It cannot be stressed too strongly that advertising copy will not translate satisfactorily due to the different
    cultural contexts and advertising cultures of other countries and regions. This is where we can help.

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